Photo Restoration

“What is photo restoration?”— you may ask.  It is simply restoring, or bringing back to life to the near original condition, in this case, an old photo.  It may be faded, cracked, creased, flaking, or missing pieces.  It may be scratched, spotted, containing kinks or dings, with color problems, blurry, or showing blemishes.

As our designers restore old pictures, they will reestablish, using PhotoShop, all aspects of the old photo.  All missing pieces will be replaced, spots will be removed, cracks repaired, and color/brightness will be refurbished.  Photo restoration is always approached with great anticipation just to observe the amazing transformation of freshening up something old and preserving it for the future.  Upon completion, an old photo will have gained a total new look.  It will have been reconditioned and overhauled to reconstitute it to its nearly original state, of years, maybe decades, ago.

Now it’s ready to print.  Printed on our heavyweight eSatin photo paper will insure the life of the restored print up to 100+ years. Restoration will very likely bring customers to tears.

If you are interested in having an old photo restored, choose one of the options below:

  1. Bring your photo(s) to us for evaluation.
  2. Email us for ideas and/or instructions —
  3. Call and find out what to do — 765-358-3144
  4. Postal mail your photo to us.  Contact us for instructions.
  5. “Pick up” is an option for local customers.  Just another service we provide.

If distance is an issue, you can scan the photo turning it into a digital image and deposit it on our Contact Us page.  With a few small bits of info, we will be able to proceed.  Remember, the higher resolution of the scan, the better your final restoration will be.  We suggest a minimum of 600 ppi/dpi, but 800-900 is always nice.

Photo Restoration Examples