BANNERS—–BANNERS—–BANNERS!  They are used everywhere these days.  Can you image hanging a large vinyl banner across your front porch, announcing a birthday party for little Susie.  Fill it with all kinds of pictures of Susie along with a very large “HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY, SUSIE”.

Our very best vinyl banners are printed on a 16 mil scrim reinforced vinyl with a white point which produces bright colorful photos. Images and graphics are easily visible even when displayed in bright sunlight or other light streams from behind.  The super smooth, bright-white surface provides deep rich colors for photos and graphics.  Once we laminate it, it will be very resistant to water and scratching.  All banners include 1/2” grommets.

Econo banners are printed on an 8 mil vinyl.  They are still very durable and good for the price.  These banners are tear resistant, as well as scratch-resistant.  The matte finish is quite complimentary to photos.  You will be able to save some money by choosing this vinyl material, and you’ll still be very satisfied.

You can design your own banner and bring it to us on a jump drive ready for printing.  Not so good at design??  We’ll be happy to create it for you.  We love to work closely with our customer through completion.