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Photo Restoration

We love old, damaged photographs – – Let us restore them for you!

If you have photographs which are:

  • faded,
  • cracked, creased, flaked, or have missing pieces,
  • scratched, spotted, or contains kinks or dings,
  • blurry, color problems, blemish correction, etc.

We can restore, print, and preserve them now, so you will have them for decades to come. You also receive a digital copy to retain forever. Preserve your valuable memories today.


If you are interested in our photographic restoration services, you can:

  • Bring your photos in for evaluation,
  • Email for ideas, instructions, etc.
  • Call and find out what to do now. 765-358-3144
  • Mail your photographs to us. Just contact us to set this up.
  • If distance is an issue, you can scan the image and deposit it on our Contact Us page. With a few small bits of information, we will be able to proceed. Remember, the higher resolution the scan, the better your final product will be. We suggest a minimum of 600 ppi/dpi but 800-900 is always nice.

You won’t be disappointed!